DKIMSTATUS displays the status of the DKIM Signature of each email your read in Roundcube.

Package DkimStatus is included in Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Precise via the package roundcube-plugins-extra. See roundcube-plugins-extra.


LATEST (roundcube 0.8+): dkimstatus.zip

If you are using Roundcube < 0.8, you must use dkimstatus v0.4.8: dkimstatus-v0.4.8.tar


DKIMSTATUS parses the results of the DKIM (or SPF) validation of a message. It requires that incoming emails are previously checked by a DKIM validation engine (such as dkimproxy). DKIMSTATUS displays the status of the DKIM signature of the message next to the 'From' field of the email.

A signature status can have one of the 4 following states:

  1. no signature information
  2. invalid signature (most likely, the message has been modified after the signature has been applied)
  3. valid signature from a 3rd party domain (ie. not the domain of the author)
  4. valid signature from the domain of the author (the message can be trusted as coming from the author)

DKIMSTATUS has been tested and validated with DKIMproxy 0.3 beta 1 and Amavis 2.6.1 (both using Mail::DKIM perl module by Jason Long).

Version 0.9.5 tested against roundcube 0.9.5 Version 0.8.1 tested against roundcube 0.8 Version 0.4.8 tested against roundcube 0.6 & 0.7 Version 0.4.7 tested against roundcube 0.5.2 Version 0.4.6 tested against roundcube 0.5. Version 0.4.3 tested against roundcube 0.4. Version 0.4.2 tested against roundcube 0.3.


  • 0.9.5: Fixed author domain verification (ngpitt) & Add small fix if dkim and domainkey signature exists (saamich)
  • 0.8.1: Rename imap_init hook into storage_init (Daniel Hahler)
  • 0.4.8: Added X-Spam-Status for spamassassin (thanks Ashish Shukla for the patch)
  • 0.4.7: added license information (GPLv2)
  • 0.4.6: italian translation from Roberto Puzzanghera
  • 0.4.5: updated german translation by Simon
  • 0.4.4: japanese translation from Taka
  • 0.4.3: from Sergio Cambra: SPF fix, image function and spanish translation
  • 0.4.2 : added translations: Polish (thanks to Tomasz Chiliński), Romanian and German


Untar the archive in your plugins folder and add 'dkimstatus' to your list of activated plugins in Roundcube's main.inc.php config file.

// List of active plugins (in plugins/ directory) $rcmail_config'plugins' = array('managesieve', 'vcard_attachments', 'dkimstatus');


dkimstatus on github


julien { at } linuxwall.info


Valid signature from the author's domain


Third party signature


Invalid signature (due to mailing list manipulation, probably)