Just a quick note about a service I discovered today: Quantum Random Bit Generator Service http://random.irb.hr/.

It's basically a random number generation service accessible online. So you just register an account, download the command line binary and get up to 100MB of true randomness per day for free.

$ ./qrand -u julien -p secretpassword -y -c 1000 -o test 
Downloaded and saved 1.95 KiB (100.00% of requested) in 0.282 sec (0.007 MiB/s). 

julien@arael:~/Downloads/QRBG QRand Utility/bin$ file test 
test: data

julien@arael:~/Downloads/QRBG QRand Utility/bin$ cat test 
[.........bunch of random junk........]

What is really cool, is that you will never get that quality of randomness on your operating system.

... we have used fast non-deterministic, stand-alone hardware number generator relying on photonic emission in semiconductors. ...

Big downside: no SSL. So you have no way to check if bigs are modified along the way...

But that could still be useful for diskless systems. I'm sure there is a way to plug that into /dev/random. Just give me a few days ;)